Suresh Menon

Suresh Menon


Faculty Bio: http://www.ae.gatech.edu/community/staff/bio/menon-s

High Performance Computing Area

Computational Techniques

Research Areas

Experimental and computational fluid mechanics; direct and large-eddy simulations of turbulent mixing; turbulent combustion in fundamental and canonical unit problems; sub-grid modeling of combustion in premixed, partially premixed, and non-premixed highly turbulent flows; simulation of supercritical mixing and combustion in liquid-fueled rocket engines, solid propellant combustion and nozzle erosion; multi-phase detonation and blast explosive modeling; agent defeat simulations of dense clouds of nanoparticles or aerosols; supersonic combustion with and without plasma control of flame ignition and stability

Honors and Distinctions

Associate Fellow of the AIAA

Research Summary

A world-renowned expert in large-eddy simulation of turbulent reacting and non-reacting flows, Suresh Menon has developed unique simulation capabilities that are being used to study pollutant formation, ozone depletion in high-altitude aircraft jet plumes and combustion phenomena in gas turbine and ramjet engines.