Pablo Laguna

Pablo Laguna

Professor and Director of Center for Relativistic Astrophysics

Faculty Bio: http://www.physics.gatech.edu/people/faculty/plaguna.html

High Performance Computing Area

Algorithms and Applications
Computational Techniques

Research Areas

High-energy astrophysics, black hole and galaxy evolution, high-energy neutrino astrophysics with IceCube, numerical relativity, and gravitational wave astrophysics

Honors and Distinctions

NSF Young Investigator Award
CONACyT Fellowship - Mexico
Organization of American States Fellowship
University of Texas Ex-students Association Fellowship
Mexican Presidential Award

Research Summary

Supercomputer technology has changed dramatically the landscape of general relativity. Numerical relativity, namely the formulation of Einstein field equations in a way amenable to numerical analysis, has emerged as a field of its own. Pablo Laguna is a numerical relativist studying astrophysical systems where general relativistic effects play a fundamental role. Currently, the primary focus of his research is the numerical simulation of the coalescence of black hole binaries. The collision of black holes is a central problem in general relativity. This problem will not only expose the complex, non-linear nature of Einstein's field equations, but it will also bring general relativity much closer in harmony with the observations of gravitational radiation expected to take place in the near future.