George Biros

George Biros

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical Engineering/Computational Science and Engineering Division (joint appointment)

Faculty Bio: http://www.cse.gatech.edu/people/george-biros

High Performance Computing Area

Algorithms and Applications

Research Areas

Medical image analysis, inverse problems in biophysics, biological particulate flows, soft tissue mechanics, and computational mathematics

Honors and Distinctions

Early Career Young Investigator Award, U.S. Department of Energy
ACM/IEEE Gordon Bell Award
Fulbright Foundation Award

Research Summary

Within the collaborative research environment established between Georgia Tech's College of Computing and College of Engineering, George Biros's work focuses on medical imaging and bringing new computational tools into the clinical setting. He plays a critical role in the Computational Science and Engineering division's initiative to provide world-class leadership in parallel and scientific computing, new architectures and programming languages, and data and visual analytics for massive datasets. At Georgia Tech, Biros and his research group members are developing technologies for discovery and innovation that will harness the upcoming breakthroughs in high performance computing, including exascale platforms.