Edmond Chow

Edmond Chow

Associate Professor

Faculty Bio: http://www.cse.gatech.edu/people/edmond-chow

High Performance Computing Area

Algorithms and Applications

Research Areas

Numerical methods, particle-based simulation, parallel scientific computing, data-intensive computing

Honors and Distinctions

Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE)
ACM Gordon Bell Prize

Research Summary

Edmond Chow's research interests are in developing and applying numerical and discrete algorithms to solve large-scale scientific computing problems. Specific algorithms of interest include those of numerical linear algebra, such as preconditioning and multilevel methods for solving sparse linear systems; as well as those of particle-based simulation, for example molecular dynamics techniques for biological molecules. Chow is particularly interested in the design of these algorithms for new and emerging computer architectures, particularly distributed memory parallel machines, and modern forms of data-parallel (SIMD) computing. He also has interests in data-intensive computing, particularly algorithms and machine architectures for analyzing unstructured data such as massive graphs and complex networks.